Theatre is the art of presenting drama, by actors on a stage to an audience in a live performance

It is often combined with music, dance, and sound effects. The word “theatre” comes from the ancient Greek word “theatron” which means “place for viewing.”

The earliest documented evidence of theatre shows that it was used by ancient Greeks almost 3,000 years ago. And theatre has been around ever since then – with different cultures adapting it in their own ways.

Theatre is a form of live performance arts, the actors perform dramatic work before a live audience in a theatre.

Theatre is one of the oldest arts that has been practiced since antiquity. The history of theatre starts from Ancient Greece to the modern day. It has changed over time with influences from different cultures and religions.

Nowadays, there are many styles and genres for theatre such as Broadway Theatre, European Theatre, Shakespearean Theater etc. With technological advancements in script writing software along with advances in lighting, sound effects and production design, theatre productions have become more realistic and immersive for audiences who enjoy the performances on stage.

Theatre is a performing art in which actors, actresses, and others on the stage present an artistic work such as a play or a dance.

Theatre is one of the oldest artistic forms in the world. It developed in ancient Greece and Rome, and has since spread to every part of the world. Different forms exist in different places; for example, kabuki theatre is popular in Japan whereas drama theatre dominates Western Europe.

Some of the most famous playwrights are William Shakespeare, Friedrich Schiller, Molière, Tennessee Williams and Arthur Miller.