Theatre is a form of live performance that uses various forms

It is also known as the art of blocking space to create an emotional response in the audience. Theatre can be divided into plays and musicals. Plays are for adults while musicals are for children or adults.

Types of theatre include children’s theatre, comedy theatre, drama theatre, experimental theatre, improvisational theatre, interactive theatre and physical theatre.

Theatre is a stage art form that is both an ancient and contemporary art.

It is a live performance that usually combines dialogue, song and dance.

Theater has been around for millennia, since the time of ancient Greeks (which is where our word originates). The theater as we know it today was first developed in Renaissance Italy in the 14th century. It has evolved into many different types of plays or theatrical performances, but all share the same basic elements: acting, dialogue, costumes and scenery.

Theatre is a form of live performance, which includes a story and social interaction.

Theatre is a live performance of a dramatic play. There are many different types of theatre, from traditional theatre to contemporary theatre. Theatre can be performed in a theatre or other large space, such as the outdoors or in a tent. The audience usually sits in seats that are close to the stage.

Theatre may be used for many different purposes before, during and after its performance. The audience responds differently to theatre based on their experience, personality and emotions at that moment.

Theatre is a performing art, which involves all of the following: actors, directors, theatre designers, stage managers, producers.

Actors are the people who are actually on stage. They are responsible for both speaking the lines and portraying the character. Actors also need to be expressive to be able to convey emotions and connect with their audiences.

Directors or Stage Managers coordinate all of the production elements and make sure that everything is happening as it should happen and on time.

Stage designers create what you see onstage: the set design (a miniature version of a room or landscape), props, costumes, lighting fixtures and more. They focus mainly on creating an environment that will reflect what’s happening in the story being told onstage without distracting from it.

Theatre is a form of live performance with the actors on stage. It is a type of dramatic art, in which human beings can express their emotions and thoughts with words and actions.

Theatre has been around for more than 2,500 years. In modern times, it has been called an art form that can be used to tell a story or create a mood.

In the early 1900s, theatre became very popular in the United States and Europe. Many different types of theatre styles have emerged at this point in time – from opera to stand-up comedy.

In India, people have also been performing theatre since ancient times – from folk performances to street theater to classical oratory drama festivals.