Theatre is a collective art form in which the written or spoken word

The theatre is one of the most ancient forms of performing arts. The definition of theatre is “a collective art form in which the written or spoken word, music and performance art, such as acting or dance combine to communicate meaning”. Theatre often relies on a mixture of these three elements for dramatic effect. However, its origins can be found in some form of ritualized representation of a contest between actors who do not have access to the audience’s minds and who need gestures and human noises to signify their meaning.

In many cultures theatre has been intimately intertwined with religion. In some cultures it was more important than religion because it was

Theatre is one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the world.

There are many types of theatre (for example, musical theatre, dance theatre, etc.) and many different ways to watch it (in a theater, in your living room, on TV).

This article will talk about the basics of theatre.

Theatre is a re-enactment or performance of a story for an audience.

A dramatic production usually has three elements: script, direction and performance.

A script is the words that are read or spoken by actors on stage while they are performing their roles on stage.

The director is responsible for deciding how actors should perform what they have read from their scripts – how they should move around on stage and what gestures they should make while speaking their

Theatre is the performance of a play, typically by actors on a stage, before an audience. The art form in which actors use their voices and body language to represent the dialogue and action of a dramatic production. Theatre productions can be either on or off-Broadway, depending on whether they are designed to make money or not.